Mini-X Ready Kit Car S

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Mini-X Ready Kit Car S

Mini-X Ready Kit Car S
Model: Car S

1. Connect the motor and battery leads to the appropriate polarity.
2. Install the crystal matched with your transmitter's channel.
3. Erect the antenna so as to have better reception.
4. Install battery spring(positive-red only) to the contact position.

1. Turn on the transmitter(TX.).
2. Turn on the electronic speed controller(ESC).
3. Press the ESC setup button with provided plastic mini screwdriver (use metal screwdriver will easy damaged to the ESC.) For 2-3 seconds until both red and green light off and release the setup button.
4. Wait until green light off and red light still on, press the TX. throttle stick to full forward position when the red light still on and remain the throttle stick in full forward position and wait until green light on and red light off, press the throttle stick to full backward position until the motor going backward.
5. Release the TX. throttle stick and the whole procedure finished.

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