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08 Jul Chaun Man's Execute XQ10 HKMSA Race
admin 0 752
Chauman recently entered HKMSA Race which ran the Reedy format, meaning there were no qualifiers onl..
17 Jun Execute FM1S Aluminum Chassis: More Stability and Consistency!
admin 0 772
We have released an 2.0 Aluminum Chassis #XP-10902 for our Execute FM1S! Aluminum chassis gives you ..
18 May Team Xpress Hong Kong @ 2021 Hkrcsa Round 1
admin 0 685
Over the weekend, our Hong Kong team competed in the first round of the HKRCSA racing series. Compet..
04 May Team Xpress @ SIMARA Opening Race
admin 0 1111
With the grand opening of the Shanghai International Model Auto Racing Arena (Simara), our represent..
20 Apr Desman's Execute FT1S @ TRC CNY FWD Cup
admin 0 809
Desman, our development driver took his Execute FT1S out to race against the best at the recently he..
12 Apr Team Xpress @ TRC CNY FWD Racemeet
keith 0 745
Massive FWD race held on the weekend, with a strong showing from our Team! In the end we managed to ..
25 Mar Felix Law's Fseara Rd.6 Race Winning Execute XQ10
admin 0 784
FSEARA Round 6 was also won by Felix Law in the Modified class. Let's take a look at Felix's Execute..
23 Mar Team Xpress Hong Kong at Yan Chai Cup
admin 0 580
The Hk Xpress Team recently entered the 2021 Yan Chai Cup, with a past difficult year it was good to..
16 Mar Grace Top Qualifies at Huge RC Challenge RD.3 with Execute XQ10
admin 0 519
Grace, one of the drivers from our young driver programme successfully put her car in the top qualif..
02 Mar Felix Law Execute XQ2S Unboxed and Build Tips!
admin 0 980
Our Team Driver over in the US: Felix Law recently received his Execute XQ2S and unboxed it and shar..
23 Feb Cory Parsons's Fseara Race Winning Execute XQ2S
admin 0 1073
We would like to congratulate Cory Parsons for taking the win in the Super Stock Class at the recent..
10 Feb Execute XQ2S Mid Mount FWD Conversion Kit
admin 0 1641
After the release of our Execute XQ2S, we introduce our Mid Mount FWD Conversion Kit #XP-10829 for i..
25 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S Build Tips with Xpress Team UK
admin 0 1316
The Xpress Team UK recently got their hands on our Execute XQ2S and wasted no time and put it togeth..
22 Jan Felix Law's Race Ready Execute XQ2S
admin 0 1411
Toady we take a look at Felix's Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 he used to finish on the 3rd step of the podi..
20 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S Explained by Jianan of SRC (Chinese)
admin 0 651
Check out Jianan, the owner of the lovely SRC circuit in Shenzhen giving his take on our Execute XQ2..
13 Jan Xpress FT1S 2020 RECAP Review, Optional Parts Check, 4WD vs FWD
admin 0 646
Felix Law @2021.01.12 Here is a RECAP Review of the $400 & under RC chassis. Well, in 2020 due to p..
12 Jan Xpress XQ10 2020 RECAP Review & Optional Parts Check
admin 0 391
By Felix Law @ 2021.01.08 Here is a RECAP Review of the $400 & under RC chassis. Well, in 2020 due ..
05 Jan Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 Unboxed
admin 0 1027
Keith unboxed our upcoming Execute XQ2S showing you what to expect when you received your's! As per ..
29 Dec Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 closer look!
admin 0 734
Take a closer look at our Execute XQ2S! In this video where we go over the entire car and you can se..
28 Dec Chauman explains: Execute XQ2S and XQ1S differences! #XP-90032 (Cantonese)
admin 0 487
Chauman designer of the Execute XQ2S explains the differences between our new sport touring car with..
28 Dec Xpress Execute XQ2S Features Explained (Cantonese)
admin 0 399
Our Team Driver: Chau Man should be no stranger to Xpress drivers around the world. He sits down and..
24 Dec Xpress Execute XQ2S #XP-90032 Features Explained!
admin 0 421
Let's follow Keith as he explains all the features of the Xpress Execute XQ2S and the updates over t..
24 Dec Xpress Execute XQ2S Sport Touring Car Sneak Peek #XP-90032
admin 0 1169
Sneak peek of our upcoming Execute XQ2S! You can catch a glimpse of what you can come to expect when..
15 Dec Xpress 1/10 FWD Touring Car Execute XQ10F Closer View!
admin 0 764
Take a closer view at our recently released 1/10 FWD Touring Car Execute XQ10F where we show you som..
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