To make shock building easier, we have released the Aluminum 7075 Shock Assembly Multi Tool #XP-40208. Featuring several features to make shock building easier and quicker without having to grab several different tools.

Different large diameter grips for you to screw the top cap on with both big bore and narrow bore shocks if your car still runs them.

Easily measure shaft length with the marked steps at the tip of the tool. Incorporating the most used lengths so you can ensure all four shocks are of equal length for more consistent handling.

Besides building shocks, we have included 4mm and a 5mm hole to hold the battery connector plug in place so you can easily solder the wire to the connector without risk damage to your battery.

A steel extension is built into the middle section to aid with installing balls to your links and shocks, Line your link to the hole corresponding to the ball size and you can easily remove the ball.

Pictured here is for installing the ball to your link, the small hole on the other side is 3mm perfect for securing threaded balls to the side so it doesnt fall out.

Last but not least, is a stepped measuring section for easily setting the rebound of your shock when placing the diaphragm back on.

Review video of the tool by our Japanese Driver Masaya and Eric in Cantonese: