As per Xpress tradtion, we are "sportsifying" our Arrow AM1 into a budget friendly chassis kit suitable for beginners to get into the world of RC. Let's take a look at the features of the car!

Gone are the days of one-ways and ball diffs, to create a neutral handling car we have always included spool in the front and gear differential in the rear.

Composite drive shafts will be in charge of transferring power from your motor to the front and rear of your car! Lightweight yet durable composite material found on our suspension plastics has been included.

Sealed gearbox transmission system ensures your car's drivetrain is protected from dust and grime found on tracks.

Our low profile yet long travel shocks are included giving you predictable handling throughout the corners.

Low profile shock towers pair perfectly with our short shocks reducing unwanted chassis roll throughout the corners bringing in consistent laptimes!

Get a closer look at the chassis with the video below:

Check out how it runs on the track:

新車介紹: 含中文字幕

Spend three minutes with Keith as he goes over the details of the Arrow AM1S, our sports 1/10 Shaft Driven Mini tourer!