A new series of shaft driven 1/10 touring cars, the Arrow series takes the best from the Execute series of touring cars and incorporates it in a shaft driven system. Sporting floating gearboxes to include more chassis flex. Specially designed motor mount makes adjusting gear mesh a breeze. Also bringing various modern designs that brings this car fit for racing straight from the box!

Full view of the chassis, you will be able to see we have retained the best features from our Execute line of cars.  To keep the center of gravity low, separate shock mounting bulkheads were chosen.

A view of the rear of the car, you will be able to see the integrated fan mount which bolts onto the motor mount. 

View of the bottom of the car. To eliminate torque steer, the drivetrain is isolated from the chassis plate so that it can flex on it's own accord.

A view of the drive train assembly which you can remove from the chassis completely. Near the spur gear section is a piece of aluminum mounting 

Removing the topdeck you will be able to see details of the chassis and the universal axle mounts that were chose to provide smoothest power delivery through the shaft. Included is the quick change insert steering bridge to quickly change ackermann settings.

Check out the manual here.

Video capturing how it runs on the track on a medium traction track:

One of our drivers: Keith goes through some of the features on the car in a two part series with the drivetrain focused on the second part:

Detailed look at the entire chassis: