Graphite Propeller Shaft for your Arrow AT1?

Why do you need a Graphite Propeller Shaft for your AT1?  Tony has the answer!

Tony McMahon RC
// The all new RC Xpress carbon propeller shaft for the AT1 is a great upgrade, the kit aluminium one and the solid carbon one both weigh 7g so weights not the reason, here’s why its a great upgrade:

Aluminium that is of long length can twist and bend under load causing it to wobble and have sever vibrations through the chassis when on power. The bending can be caused from accelerating, crashing or hard braking.

This new carbon shaft is dead straight and will stay that way for ever. The aluminium ends are seated on into a groove in the carbon so remain locked in place and can’t come apart. In my opinion, this is a fantastic and beneficial upgrade for all AT1 owners.//

Graphite Propeller Shaft for AT1 & AT1S
Model : XP-10938

For installation in Arrow AT1S, the following parts are required:
XP-10942 Aluminum Propeller Shaft Axle
XP-40201 Universal Shaft Ring 11.8x0.8mm
XP-40048 Flat Head Hex Screw 3x8mm
XP-40202 Universal Shaft Coupling Pins

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