Tony, our driver from Australia has gotten to terms with his Arrow AT1 for medium asphalt tracks and has given us some tips on how to set it up! Here's what he had to say:

Attention all RC Xpress AT1 owners & potential new owners, I have cracked the perfect base setup for you. It took me 3 days at the Australian National Champs to figure it out but you will love it. Unfortunately, this meant that I missed out on making the A finals but showed what the car was capable of in Finals. The key is weight bias to offset the heavier rear diff, the notes in the setup sheet are tiny so I will also post them here, please refer to the pictures to see how I have made this work.

- Use a much softer rear spring which brings a closer suspension balance, this results in an ever so slightly harder rear pressure compared to the front spring which creates more entry, mid and on-power corner speed compared to using say an XRAY 2.7 (which has 100g more pressure compared to the Mugen 6.25)

- whatever diff oil you use in a belt car, add 3-4k

- Use vertical rear body posts to eliminate any rear swinging weight

- mount motor 5mm forward if you can (as pictured)

- Add 10grams into the foam bumper (as pictured)

- add 10 grams on the chassis by steering (as pictured)

- I used the X square suspension mounts only to quickly be able to change link lengths, the kit suspension carbon plates will now be going back on, they are also the exact same dimensions as x square so the geometry does not change. 

The shaft drive car is incredible, but the rear diff assembly is 51g, so all the things you see above is to bring balance to the front of the car which now stops any rear issues throughout the corner.

Kit weight bias is close to 52/48 purely based on the rear diff and motor, that weight is not close to the middle of the car, by making these changes you will end up with a perfect 50/50 split even with a body shell on. 

And most importantly you will have a big smile on your face while driving fast!

Setup here