We were grateful when Hara wanted to fly the Xpress flag in the modified class in the 2024 instalment of the TITC! Hara also went further to make a purple edition for himself.

Hara showing off his classic race colors alongside his special Hara edition purple Execute XQ11!

Many people were very impressed by the classic purple Hara edition touring car, and came over to take a look.

Not just for show! Hara ran his normal purple edition throughout the main event of the TITC and had a normal red as backup!

Hara's powerplant of choice was Hobbywing, which performed without fault with the air temperature reaching as high as 42C!

Low profile batteries fit the chassis with our spring loaded battery mounts!

Futaba steering servo kept thing straight and provided a smooth and strong steering feeling for Hara!

Chauman posing with Hara's car as he put his car down for him in one of the heats.

Whilst a vast majority of the field ran Xtreme Aerodynamics, Hara chose to run a new Lens body bodyshell which he felt provided a bit more stability.

Hara's car on track, you can see Hara here sporting vertical bodyposts, he stated that this changed the support of the body and prevented the rear from flexing.

A very challenging corner, which saw many drivers "traction roll" onto their roofs. Hara keeping it under control here.

Famous RC youtuber "Radio GAGA" came over to make a video on Hara's purple race machine.