We are honored to have had such an iconic person in R/C such as Atsushi Hara himself driving our car on an international level! Follow his journey towards following up to the Reedy Race 2018 invitational class. 32924356_1790543244344217_2919738297037094912_n 33075242_1793192130745995_2069726890058317824_n

Upon receiving the XQ1 Kits, Hara quickly built up two kits. One to run our XOC dynamic rear toe in system and one with your traditional rear hub. Hara only got to run 6 packs due to bad weather before leaving for America.33383149_1795078083890733_7227739203872751616_n

Upon arriving at America, Hara wasted no time and started preparing the cars to make sure they were at the best before hitting the track.

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Some action shots from the intense racing out of the 12 rounds from the invitational class. Different from normal racing is that this race takes the format of 12 racing rounds with no qualifying and computer generated random starting spots.atsushi-hara-xpress-xq1-chassis-reedy-race2018b-2 33649392_1799133266818548_883778143507185664_n

Here we can see Hara preferred to run the car with only four topdeck screws. 33664108_1799133213485220_8717845628677259264_n

All smiles for Hara as he finds a very good well balanced setup towards the end of the event.

Hara finally got his car sorted in the final round and snagged his first win which allowed him to finish 15th, a bit low for his expectations for sure but on the bright side he has gained a good understanding of the car which will allow him to get better results in the future.

Photo Credit: www.redrc.net

Setup - W/ XOC