We would like to congratulate our factory team driver Azri Amri for netting the top qualifier spot and winning at the recent Neka Fun Race in the Super Stock class! Here we will go over Azri's car. 22554815_1597270660293652_4384869614221242045_n Azri's electronics choice is Orca's R32 esc which runs on 32bit which allows for smoother and more precise response from your transmitter. 22549646_1597270656960319_9012414261828212423_n Here we can take a closer look at the Orca Ti motor which was the control motor for TITC a few years back. 22780271_1597270610293657_1589804544384618304_n Paired with stealthy black aluminum screws, keeps the weight down. Chassis mounted steering rack provides a more stable car by reducing flex towards the front of the car. 22730430_1597270606960324_7991321212744481698_n Azri likes the feel of dynamic rear toe as opposed to the traditional rear upright used. Azri used a test unit, expect to see our production unit very soon. 22552842_1597270576960327_6243736910373042341_n Besides Azri, we had two other drivers with strong finishes in the A Main as well!