Chauman once again takes the top podium step in a race, also top qualifying as well taking 2 out of 3 qualifying rounds and being the only person to get into the 21 lap mark. An impressive performance by him, let's take a look at the Execute XQ10R he used to race!

A overview of the car you can see most things are standard with some upgrade parts to fine tune the handling to his liking.

A look at the underneath of the chassis and the flex settings, we can see the rear section of the motor mount infront of the diff was kept free. A set screw was used in the front of the motor mount to introduce some flex whilst keeping the mount straight.

Height adjustable servo horn was used for easy steering response tuning. 

A look at Chauman's setup for his flex elimination top deck, opting to go for the the medium locking plastic insert with the one dot.

Hard Coated Aluminum Rear Universals a great upgrade for slower stock classes to lighten your drivetrain.

Fairly standard affair in the front with the inclusion of the Titanium Spool Outdrives and the 10g Brass weight set.

Here we can see Chauman opted for a toe-in of about 2 degrees, wanting more steering for the slower stock class to generate more corner speed.

Setup coming soon.