Chauman recently entered HKMSA Race which ran the Reedy format, meaning there were no qualifiers only mains racing! He ended up 2nd in the Stock class and 3rd in Modified!

Chauman ran our Execute XQ10 #XP-90021 for the modified class which he claimed a podium spot in the multi-main racing format!

The low profile shock mounting from X-Square was chosen for a more aggressive steering response in the middle of the corner.

The spring loaded battery mount #XP-10717 was chosen for easy battery installation and mounting!

A stiff rear end flex setup was chosen with the insert instead of the bearing in the Flex Elimination top deck

The V2 On-Power Control System was installed to further control how the car reacted in the middle of the corner with the dynamically changing rear toe-in.

As per usual, the spring steel double jointed shafts #XP-10334 were chosen for smooth cornering! Combined with the Titanium Spool Outdrives for better power delivery and durability!

Check out Chauman's Setup here