Cory recently finished a strong third at the FSEARA racing series, running his Execute XQ10R. Today we'll go through his race car and have a look at the few tweaks he's done!

Standing out on Corey's car is his choice of running the standard shock towers instead of the X-Square low profile options.

Side view of how he mounted his body, a fair bit forward for more steering.

Viewing the flex options Corey opted for, Corey opted to go for a fairly flexy rear end with the High Flex Chassis Plate #XP-10813.

We can see here the white low friction belts were chosen, providing less drivetrain drag in these blinky stock classes.

Aluminum hardware throughout the chassis to reduce weight, spring steel double jointed universals for smooth cornering as well!

Fairly standard in the rear, besides for the aluminum universals upgrade to lighten up the drivetrain.