We would like to congratulate Cory Parsons for taking the win in the Super Stock Class at the recently held Fseara Round 5 with Execute XQ2S #XP-90032!

A close up of the electronics used, no shortcuts were taken with the electronics as top of the line competition grade choices were made!

Small upgrades at the rear end of the car; using the Suspension Mount Spacers #XP-10726 to adjust the roll center. A must have for high level racing, the XQ2S Anti-Roll Bar set #XP-10326 was installed for more consistent handling.

Onto the front end of the car, the body support system helped keep the body from rubbing on the floor and improved consistency. 

A view of the chassis wear, evidently it was a clockwise track with wear all along the left hand side of the chassis. A more flexy setup was chosen for the motor mount setup as the screws infront of the spur gear were left out.

We can get a good view of the front end from the other side, Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals #XP-10334 were installed as they are a required part in modern day racing with brushless motor.

The suspension mount spacer was used in the rear to entirely raise the suspension mount. Besides that, its just a normal kit Execute XQ2S!