Desman, our development driver took his Execute FT1S out to race against the best at the recently held CNY FWD Cup at TRC. Having being delayed due to Covid, extensive procedures were in place to ensure a safe and smooth event was possible!

A look at Desman's bodyshell and spoils of the day! With a chassis kit that cost less than most people's ESC, Desman took the last place of the podium in the B Main, far exceeding expectations!

Weights were placed strategically to perfectly balance his car for consistent handling.  Optional parts included aluminum suspension mounts to reduce the rear toe-in as Desman found our car to be too stable and wanted more corner speed out of it.

As per usual, Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals #XP-10334 were used in the front to smoothen out the cornering. The 10g brass weight set #XP-10242 slots perfectly into the pre-drilled holes into the chassis.

Nothing special about the front end of the car, 400 thousand weight oil was used in the front diff for more steering.

Check out his setup here.