Eric Lam, one of our team members recently brought our Execute XQ10 to 2nd place at a recent race held last weekend with over 70 participants in a controlled ESC and Motor Stock Class!

We will go over his car and note some interesting setup choices and optional parts he chose to use!

Eric chose to use ballstuds in the c-hub body support as these lines up better with his body choice of the new Twister body. Some optional parts from our friends over at X-Square were used including their low profile shock mount and graphite bumper support piece!

The original kit Execute XQ10 chassis plate #XP-10551 was chosen for a more aggressive handling car.

Aluminum pulleys combined with the spring loaded battery mount #XP-10717 for easy and tweak free battery mounting!

Original topdeck with the post secured to limit rear-end flex. Suspension mount spacers #XP-10726 were used to further raise the rear suspension mounts by 0.5mm!

Fairly standard affair in the front with the standard spring steel double jointed front universals paired with the titanium solid axle outdrives!

Decked out with titanium screws to shift the center of gravity to the lowest point possible.

His setup can be found here.