Eric and Chauman went to visit a brand new track in China for it's inaugural race. This race was ran in the Reedy format, where it's just finals racing with randomized starts which made for some intense racing all weekend.

Fong King the organizer of the second  Specia1 race cup.

Lovely new track that opened last december.

The unique Reedy race format attracted a lot of race participants.

Trophies were awarded to the top 5 and fastest lap of the weekend, Eric managed to claw his way back to 2nd place after some disappointing early finals.

Chauman with his consistent pace managed to snag the last trophy of the top 5.

Eric's Execute XQ11, a special graphite rear piece to test shock angles was used this race.

Chauman's rather standard Execute XQ11, getting ready for his race.

Action shot of Eric's car leading.