Cosimo Marotta, a rc racer who left rc racing 20 years ago recently picked up one of our Execute FT1S and ran the car for a while and gave a review after spending some time with the car.

This is my honest long term review about the Xpress FT1S. After over 20 years of stop, i decided to return in the Rc world with a FWD and i bought a FT1S. Due to my inactivity, i struggled a lot to regain confidence with the use of RC transmitter so my first times on the tracks were a nightmare. And I crashed a lot, really a lot. But I was lucky to have chosen an Xpress. The car is virtually a tank and in the severe abuse days i have broken: 1 rear arm, 1 alu turnbuckle, 10 front bumpers and bent 2 motor mounts and 2 arm axles. And all this in thousands of laps on 3 different tracks. Well, i suppose that no other car would have been able to sustain so severe treatment without falling apart. The FT1S is really reliable and very cheap to service because spare parts are not expensive. You can buy it and decide whatever you want to upgrade it. Mine, at the end, has option for the triple of the cost of the chassis, but this was my choice and i knew it. On the track, the car is very capable and you can be very close to lap times of chassis the triple the cost, no question about it. The FT1S is very good on setup and you can fine tune the handling according with your preference having on the other hand a chassis that respond well.

If there is any possibility Xpress will develop a new version, I suggest:

redesign a new much stronger bumper getting rid of the fan located in: none use it after breaking the first times.

redesign the motor mount to allow a stronger clamp with the motor, then raise the spur layshaft and allow the motor to sit much more closer to the diff, in a further back position.

move away the body column from the bumper or find a way to make them more rigid

Nothing else: this could be a good base for a future FT2S. We'll see.