Introducing our Execute MF1 #XP-90039, a completely overhauled mid mount FWD touring car featuring some design concepts we have gathered over the years.

Eric and Chauman compares the Execute MF1 with all our past FWD touring car releases, such as our FT1 and XQ10F!

Video of Keith explaining the features on the car.

Video closeup of all of the important features of the car for easy viewing.

Some practice footage showing how the Execute MF1 performs on track.

The designer of our Execute MF1: Carven explains his design concepts and features of the car in cantonese.

A staple of Xpress cars nowadays, the spring loaded battery mount for secure battery mounting and quick swap.

Bearings on the motor mount keeps the belt in tension which is important to help you deliver power to the front wheels or braking.

Brass weight in the front bumper shifts the center of gravity towards the front improving cornering performance.

Redesigned motor mount allowing for better gear ratios and having the motor sit further in towards the center of the chassis!

Upgraded differential case for better belt mesh.

Aluminum outdrives giving you a lighter drivetrain.

Low profile upper bulkheads for minute shock angle adjustment and lower center of gravity for better cornering stability.

Narrowed bulkhead width providing better flex characteristics.

Sophisticated two level rear flex adjustment giving you utmost control how your car behaves in the corner.

Different style steering rack allowing for the electronics to be as far forwards as possible.

Comes with hard suspension plastic parts for better cornering speed.

Low mounted sway bars for instantaneous effect for better steering response.