Our 1/10 Mid Mount Competition Grade FWD Car: Execute XQ10F #XP-90029 fully detailed! Find out some of the features and design philosophies behind!  Different from the Execute XQ10 FWD Mid Conversion Kit ,we have added a laser engraved bumper signifying the number of your kit!

Like our Execute FM1S, we decided to include the front brass weight to balance the center of gravity and make it a tuning option!

The rearend is basically kept the same for the same tunability like our XQ10 with the adjustable suspension geometry.

Different from the Execute XQ10 #XP-90021, the front end has been kept the same regarding the adjustability due to the motor being further backwards. The new lowprofile bumper allows easier body mounting with FWD bodyshells!

Servo mount is integrated into the motor mount, with the slotted design we thought this would be the best solution to allow users easily install servos being in perfect perpendicular with the chassis and more consistent handling.

The chassis has been cut out to retain the use of the T-Plate which allows racers to further fine tune chassis flex.

The topdecks included use our "Flex Elimination" technology which allows users to either use a bearing supported flex option or use the insert which completely locks the top deck from flexing!

Taken from our XQ1, slotted bulkheads allow users to easily install bulkheads in perfect alignment without much work for perfect power delivery!

By moving the motor towards a more mid motor position, this allows for more consistent laptimes in high grip surfaces.

A problem with FWD cars were belts skipping, with our tunable double belt tensioner, this brings the problem to a bare minimum which allows for more consistent acceleration and braking!

Convert your Execute XQ10 to a competitive mid motor FWD with our conversion kit!