After the release of our Execute XQ2S, we introduce our Mid Mount FWD Conversion Kit #XP-10829 for it! Due to the similarities of our Execute XQ1S, owners of our first sport kit will also be able to install this kit onto it!

Like our other FWD Conversion Kit for the Execute XQ10, we have also brought the double belt tensioner system over! Although this may induce some drag to the system, it is needed as all the power is delivered through the front belt as well as braking.

To offset the balance towards the front, a brass integrated to the front bumper was added to increase forward traction! The addition part of 31g Brass Weight #XP-10723 can also be added to further move the center of gravity forwards!

Due to the large empty area towards the rear end of the converted car, we have included more holes to adjust flex and add weight! The Rear Stiffener Plate #XP-10549 has been kept in mind and can be installed to fine tune the flex characteristics.

The servo/motor mount will be kept the same as the same, so the servo will and motor will not be touching the chassis and affecting flex.

The split top deck and flex elimination system has been retained for a larger setup window to accommodate for a wider range of track conditions!