Our Germany/Austria distributor RC-Kleinkram built a Execuie XQ3S and shared his thoughts on the build!

Here's what he had to say about the build:

The RC Xpress XQ3S proves to be an absolute TOP performer!

With the S models, XPRESS offers a cheap alternative to the high-end models.

Through simplified constructions and cheaper materials, costs are saved here and the driver gets the opportunity to drive a top-of-the-art car.


In our opinion, the XQ3S - unlike the XQ2S - is NO longer a beginner's car. There is a possibility to get a car at the entry price - however, this car is no longer entry level.

Is this a positive or negative? Neither - it's merely a factual analysis of the situation.

For all who are looking for something awesome and don't want to spend a lot of money on it, of course, it is VERY positive.

The XQ3S is now widespread and has arrived on the most diverse tracks in the world. Ready to make a name for myself

Carefully adjust tension in the lower arm balls to make sure there's not too much play but at the same time being free!