Our Team Driver over in the US: Felix Law recently received his Execute XQ2S and unboxed it and shared some build tips he found along the way! 

Some small and cheap optional parts Felix added also to his build along the way to make it even more race ready than the car already is:

Starting with these Soft Silicone X-Ring Diff O-Rings, these will add some smoothness to your diff but are more prone to leaking due to the lowered surface area that is in contact with the outdrive.

Secondly, Felix chose to use these 5mm Aluminum Red Hexes, which prevents the rare case of the wheel binding the bearing if the locknut is too tight. These also lock themselves so will sit straighter than the kit plastic ones but at the same time adding more weight to your drivetrain!

Hope you were able to learn some tips when you do build your very own Execute XQ2S from Felix!