FSEARA Round 3! This time the race was ran on high grip carpet and Felix Law successfully took the TQ and Win this time! Let's take a look at the Execute XQ10 he drove to victory!

Fairly standard affairs in the front, Felix opted for a servo saver to protect his expensive servo against the track barriers. The Titanium outdrives were chosen for their lightweight and durable as they cover the whole blade!

Longer than kit rear links to give more rear end stability and more consistent laptimes.

The flex options here looks like a screw not tightened fully and suspended in the post with loctite to prevent loosening. 5.5t was chosen due to the small track and driveability.

Nothing special, long links in the front to reduce the initial steering, which is usually not required on high grip tracks.

The body used by Felix was a prototype body by JConcepts, looks like it follows the modern concepts low front and high ceiling.

A closeup of the electronics Felix used for this race.

Set can be found here