FSEARA Round 6 was also won by Felix Law in the Modified class. Let's take a look at Felix's Execute XQ10 he used to claim Top Qualifier and the Class Win!

The spring loaded battery mount #XP-10717 was chosen by Felix as it offers convenience without sacrificing battery security.

Original topdeck was used as opposed to the Flex Elimination one as it was a big track and a less flexy rear end was needed.

As per usual, the spring steel double jointed shafts #XP-10334 were chosen for smooth cornering!

Top view of the car, you can see flex was not required for the Nuggets Ranch RC Raceway, as even the front stiffener was used to reduce flex.

A view of how far forward Felix's body was mounted. The body can be seen to sit lower than usual, this was done for more aerodynamic performance and combined with our Body Support Brace #XP-10819 and the Strong V2 C-Hub #XP-10810.

A picture of the podium, Felix was amidst fierce competition from a field full of Xray's!

A video of the A-Main final, you can see Felix's car in action!