Felix Law, our factory team driver running his Execute FT1S, racing against 4wd cars and still taking the top spot on the podium on the 2nd round of the FSEARA race series! We will go through his car and outline any upgrades he made!

Here we can see the chassis is mainly stock with some upgrades to further enhance the handling!

Very nicely painted body, in iconic Mugen colors. The body seems to be slammed as far low as possible as can be seen from the thin front splitter!

The short shock conversion kit was Felix's choice for dampening and lower CG for more stability through corners! The Front Short Shock Adaptor combined with the Short Shock Rear Tower makes running short shocks on the FT1S possible!

For better balance, a shorty pack was chosen and some bling red aluminum screws to spice things up!

If you look closely, you'll see the Spring Steel Double Jointed Universals were used to give even smoother cornering! Paired with our Windmill Aluminum Cooling Fan!

A look at some of the "battle scars" the chassis endures. Grooved tires make for a more realistic look!