We'd like to congratulate Felix for taking the win at the 3rd Race of the FSEARA series, running our Execute XQ11, let's take a look at his chassis that he ran !

Nice medal for taking the top spot of the podium.

Felix's body of choice the Jconcepts A One Racer 2, with stiffeners in the rear to prevent body tucking and some rear stability!

Prototype brass shorty lipo battery mount, a great addition for carpet tracks. Will be released very shortly.

Nothing particular special up front, with optional suspension inserts to make the shock angle steeper than the kit.

Neat electronics install by Felix, running our height adjustable servo horn to dial down the steering feeling.

Aluminum steering knuckle plates to add some suspension rigidity to deal with the high grip carpet that Felix was racing on.

A closer look of our upcoming shorty lipo mount, our spring loaded battery mount is a direct fit onto it making swapping batteries a breeze.

Aluminum chassis was required for this race on high grip carpet.

List of optional parts used:

Setup felix used for the event: