We would like to congratulate Felix on scoring the top qualifer and win at round 5 of the Fseara Racing Series. As per usual, we'll be going over his Execute XQ10R

Felix electing to run his preferred Jconcepts touring body.

Overview of his entire chassis, from afar besides the lower upper bulkhead pieces from X-Square seems like a pretty standard car.

Felix appears to be running a very narrow trackwidth in the rear with the optional -0.75mm aluminum RF suspension mounts and the most narrow suspension mount insert.

With body support pieces, preventing the body from scraping on the floor and removing corner speed or creating inconsistencies. 

Neat wiring from Felix made possible with the receiver wire being routed under the motor mount. Running a bearing was chosen with the flex elimination topdeck, to give more flex at the motor mount area towards the rear.

Top down view of the entire car showing the adjustable ackermann steering bridge, offering different steering characteristics by swapping a single part.

Last but not least, the ever trusty spring loaded battery mount for quick battery change and eliminating any risk of tweak caused by battery tape.

Setup here.