We would like to congratulate our team driver Widy Gimard for winning at the recent Grand Prix of Biguglia Corse! 45908004_498526930550847_6649846758580944896_n Gimard chose to use our vertical topdeck and aluminum chassis set for this race. Our Xpress On Power Control (XOC) gave Gimard good control over how the car behaved mid corner, a must have to keep for every occasion! He said it was a very large improvement in very low grip conditions!45882066_347163579380482_1258165280148815872_n Bitty Design's JP8 body was the choice for this track!46061366_2334117233269480_7232934787156017152_n Widy's huge trophy for his effort spent in this race.46051547_1510122772465602_4668508839480393728_n Big smiles for the winner! Rocking our Track T-Shirt.