Keith recently brought our prototype touring car platform to the final round of the Arrowmax Cup Finals 2019, and took home the top qualifier spot and win. the conditions were extreme in that it was cold (around 10C) and the grip was super high so we thought it would be a good chance to test our car in extreme conditions. Keith-wins-at-Arrowmax-Cup-Final-Round-2019

The podium was filled with this year's top scoring entrants from the Arrowmax Cup 2019 in both China and Hong Kong. Keith-wins-at-Arrowmax-Cup-Final-Round-2019

Free food on the finals day, and Keith was quick to hit the sushi as well! Keith-wins-at-Arrowmax-Cup-Final-Round-2019

Finals were close due to the controlled FDR (5.0) and blinky esc mode, there were no passes made on the straight and all racing was done in the corners!Keith-wins-at-Arrowmax-Cup-Final-Round-2019

Keith's car sitting pretty at the top qualifier spot ready for the finals, body still looks realitvely intact after all the bumping and crashing in the qualifiers!Keith-wins-at-Arrowmax-Cup-Final-Round-2019

Sneak peek of the upcoming prototype car with the short shocks.


Setup sheet of the setup that was finally used, can still be applicable to our XQ1 with the mid pulley conversion kit.