Lee Ward, a racer from the UK recently brought his Execute XQ10R out for a spin at a club race and detailed how his night went at the club race. 

A look at Lee's pit table, in the UK racers have to bring their own pit tables a bit different from races we've seen in Asia and the U.S. from Felix's Races.

Here's how Lee's night went and his report from getting to know his car better over the course of the race meet:

Race Report 

It was time for some club racing (DTCC - Doncaster Touring Car Club) again and more track time to understand my Xpress Execute XQ10R.

During qualifying the XQ10R again proved to be super quick with genuine A final speed.

Q1 and Q2 I didnt make any changes from the previous meeting with the car having loads of steering making it quite hard to drive consistently for 5 minutes. 

For Q3 I lowered the front roll centre a bit to take away some steering response and it felt really good. I didnt improve on time but It felt easier to drive. 

At the end of Q3 I noticed an issue with the spool and risked running for Q4 but as expected the front belt came off.. 

Q5 I didnt have time to sort the spool issue so I ran my 17.5 XQ1 Mid. It was fun to run against the 13.5 cars and the pace wasnt too different. 

We ran round by round qualifying so a 3rd, 4th and 7th secured 6th in the A final. 

The final was a fun challenge I managed to get as high as 4th but struggled to build and maintain a margin to the quicker 13.5 cars behind. I tried my hardest to defend and keep them behind but once they got past they were gone.

Overall, a good race meeting and the  XQ10R is really showing its potential to be a front running car.


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