I don't think I could be any more impressed with the RC Xpress XQ1 than I already am! From the build right through to getting the chassis on track, it's been a dream. Ok, so it's the first touring car I've had the pleasure of building since a long time ago (way back in 2001 was the last time), but to have all the instructions flow, to not have to do any odd things. This is a great car to build and get on track. In fact, the hardest part of the build was deciding what shock oil to run and what pistons to use! Incidentally, I went for 3 hole pistons and 450wt shock oil all round. So, Thursday evening, and I'd managed to blag a eve off to get down Forest Raceway and give the car a proper little test alongside Mark Bruton-Young. He was just as keen as I was to see how it would go. I'd already managed to get all the electrics installed and a quick check that nothing was binding on the steering or drivetrain. First job at the track was get out the setup jig and make sure the camber was how I like it and the front and rear toes. From the box setup, it was all pretty good! Camber: Before/After

  • FR = -1/-0.8
  • FL = -0.6/-0.8
  • RR = -1.8/-1.5
  • RL = -1.5/-1.5

Toe front and rear was absolutely spot on with the rear toeing in 3 and the front toe out at 1. It's a camber setup I've found to work well indoors and gets good temps in the tyres over a race run. Next job, finally finish trimming the Blitz GSF2 body I'd been provided by SpeedRC.co.uk as part of my package. I went simple for the paint job on this. Nothing special. Tiny bit of the usual black and white splatter then a coating of green. Sadly it seems my green paint is dead as it's flicked off a bit through use over the coarse of the day. Sad times! Still looks great on track, and yes I know I need to sort bodyposts! Mark Raddenbury Xpress Execute XQ1 First Impressions Mark Raddenbury Xpress Execute XQ1 First Impressions So anyway, on track. I fitted a set of slightly used Hudy C1 carpet tyres. Sauced up the rear tyres all over and went half way on the inside of the fronts. Quick charge up of a Lipo and it was good to go! I didn't bother with timing for this run, I just wanted to get a feel for the car and see how it went. I'd also needed to dial in the new Turnigy D99x servo that had arrived. It was a lot quicker than the previous one I'd used, so wanted to make sure I was in the ball park with steering expo and trims. Well, after a couple of slow speed laps to check things, I gave it the beans. And wow, what a car! It handled bang on. Ok so the steering was a little quick, but I put that down to only being on -20% expo on the steering. Once I'd dialed that down to -30% the car felt a lot more controlled and less prone to oversteer. Back to the pit towel and a check over of all the screws I realised I'd been running quite a tight rear belt, so that could probably be accounting for the oversteer. Slackened that off two notches and visually, it felt better. Another sauce of the Hudy tyres and a fresh Lipo and it was time to go back on track. This time, with MBY and his Schumacher for company. We turned the timing system on for this round, really interested to see what the times might be! Couple of fast laps in (8.455 being the best) and I had a moment coming out the hairpin. Bang. Back wheel straight onto a track edge. I won't tell you what I shouted, but you can probably imagine. I feared the worse. With the VBC, that kind of hit would be a wishbone and a hub gone. With the XQ1 all I'd done was pop the rear left steering link pin out! Wow! Quick check over for the rest of the car and it was good to go back on track once I'd made my minor repair. Already, very impressed with the build quality! Good few laps with MBY, full five minute race simulation, and it was back to the pits and the computer to see what the times were. I clocked a faster race time than my nemesis MBY and even clocked a faster fastest lap. Woah. Already with very little changes, the car was on fire. Really impressive. As the evening went on I tried little tweaks, gradually stiffening the car up and learning what was working and what wasn't. I even got a chance to scrub in a set of Sorex 28r tyres ready for Tuesday night. As first impressions go for a new chassis, I was blown away. I can't believe that a stock setup can have such good handling and control out the box. It really is a testament to how good the car has been developed and how much work has gone into ensuring that Xpress have a race winning car on their hands at the highest level. Can't wait for Tuesday and club night to really let rip. Watch this space! img_4205

Source: Mark's Blog