The Xpress team recetly went over to Thailand to race in the 2023 FEMCA 1/10 Touring Car Championships. The track is a unique indoor asphalt which makes the grip one of the highest in the world and for some interesting racing.

Racing girls are a tradition in the Thailand racing scene and the team did not miss out and took some photos with them!

Yugo prepping his tires by constructing a "glue wall" on his tires to try and combat traction rolling.

Eric and James having a great time inside the pits.

Michael, kindly hosting our team in his air conditioned pit room also prepping his tires in a unique method.

Aluminum chassis was a must to combat the high grip circuit, and Chauman here opting to stick with the original kit upper deck.

After getting his car stable enough, Yugo bravely put on his race color body.

When all was said and done, Yugo managed to get into 3rd place with some brave driving in the finals fighting his way back!

Eric and Chauman taking the first two spots of the B Final in the modified class, explaining finding out the trick with the tires too late.

Azri, our Malaysian representative ended up 2nd in the B final. Great effort from all our team members.