Another instalment of TITC is done and dusted. This year we were fortunate to have three contenders who got into the A Main of both the highly contested Boosted Stock Class and Non Boosted Touring Classes!

Group photo at end of all racing with the prizes we got 9th (Hazakie) and 5th (Cy Leung) in the Non-boost class and Eric ended up 5th in the finals.

CY preferred the Celica body in the non-boost class.

Cy all relaxed after racing was done, in the prize awarding ceremony.

Eric's body stayed nice and new throughout most of the event, keeping clean racing lines let him get into the boosted stock A-Main.

The live timing boards was exciting as we could see live where Eric would be for the round result.

When everything was said and done Eric's final result was 9th, not bad for his first time here.

That's it for this year's TITC, with Covid restrictions easing up hope to see you all at a track sometime!