The Brazilian Xpress Team lead by João, recently entered the Brazilian nationals and netted some very good results, here is his report from the event:

Unfortunately at the beginning of the day, the rain came, delaying the start of the event, due to this, there was a common agreement to change the route avoiding the wetter part of the track

The event started after noon, with the help of some people to dry the track, the amount of qualify was reduced, in order to fit the track time.

Qualify Mod

Flavio Elias, racing with the Execute XQ1, had some problems with the tires during the whole qualify and because of that he had to dispute the repechage in the semifinal, made a strategy of winning the recap in order to be able to change the tires for the finals, and to be able to start in eighth

Gabriel Vitor, riding with the Execute XQ10, had some incidents with crashes and spur-gear, managed to go straight to Main-A, starting in fifth

Qualify Stock

Eduardo Akel, running with the XQ1S Mid Conversion Kit, managed to make a clean qualify and without many incidents, ensuring the 2nd in Main-A

João Helio (me), running with the XQ1s pretty standard, also managed to get rid of some incidents, ensuring the 3rd on Main-A

Renan Gea, running with the XQ1, unfortunately got involved in some incidents and managed to secure 5th place on the grid

Main A - Mod

Flavio Elias, starting 8th, in a great recovery race, managed to reach 3rd
Gabriel Vitor, making a good start, managed to win 3 positions and remained in second until the end

Flavio Elias - after some adjustments in the esc, to gain more potential, he made a formidable race, reaching 1st
Gabriel Vitor - unfortunately got involved in some incidents, getting in the way of his run and arriving in 5th

Gabriel Vitor - unfortunately failed to get close to the top finishers and maintained his 5th position

Flavio Elias - unfortunately broke on the first lap, so he created a greater expectation about the result, after the end of the race and the combination of better results, he became champion in the Modified category !!

1st - Flavio Elias - XQ1
5th - Gabriel Vitor - XQ10

Main A - Stock

TO 1

Eduardo Akel - starting in 2nd, remained constant during the race, unfortunately he got involved in an incident and ended up moving away from the leader, keeping the 2nd

João Helio - Starting at 3rd, had a performance loss during the race and kept the 3rd

Renan Gea - Starting in 5th, had beautiful disputes with the 4th placed, but was unable to advance one more position


Eduardo Akel - kept pace during the race and remained in the starting position

João Helio - unfortunately, he had tire problems and ended up getting involved in some incidents and ended up in 6th

Renan Gea - kept pace during the race and remained in the starting position


Eduardo Akel - with the category champion already defined, kept the pace, thus guaranteeing the 2nd

João Helio - after loss of performance during the race, he had a good fight with the 4th, guaranteeing the 3rd place on the podium

Renan Gea - also in the dispute to climb another step, he arrived again in 5th, keeping the 6th overall

2nd - Eduardo Akel - XQ1M
3rd - João Helio - XQ1S
6th - Renan Gea - XQ1