The Brazilian Xpress Team recently joined the Brazilian Championship held in Joinville, the team sent drivers to compete in both the modified and stock classes. Here is their recap:

The Brazilian Championship was held on the beautiful AJARC track located in Joinville, Santa Catarina.

This year again, Xpress Team Brazil participated in 2 categories, Modified with Flavio Elias and in the Stock category with João Helio (me), Renan Gea and Edu Akel.

We arrived on Thursday for practice and car setup, a small obstacle we faced was the cold, reaching the 3 degrees Celsius mark!!, making our focus to keep the tires warm during tests and adjustments at the Thursday and Friday we got to a setup, solid and fast!

The qualify started on Saturday, with a little warmer weather and improving the grip of the track, 4 of 5 heats of qualify were held

At Modified, with Flavio Elias still using the car that he was national champion in the previous year, the XQ1M, throughout the qualify, unfortunately the combo was not yielding the same as in practice and after a lot of dispute between heats, he finished in P5, a little frustrated as the car was fast all practice.

In Stock, Xpress continued to walk fast also in qualify, João Helio this year, unlike last year where he won the P3 with the famous XQ1s, using the XQ10 with the optional High Flex XP-10813, won 3 out of 5 heats conquering the TQ and followed by Renan Gea also using the standard XQ10, newly acquired for the championship, starting in P2 and Edu Akel using the XQ1M, the same car that earned him the P2 the year before, starting in P3

On Sunday of the finals, the track dawned wet, indicating that it could end the event sooner, however the sun decided to appear helping to dry the track and proceed with the event.

With the change of grip some drivers decided to make some changes in their cars, however the Xpress team decided to keep with the setup of the day before, because even with the smaller grip, the cars kept excellent!!

At Modified, all heats were hot!!

On A1, Flavio Elias still having problems with the combo, had to stop after 3 minutes

On the A2, still looking for a better combo performance, he managed to keep a good pace and getting rid of some accidents, he reached P3.

In A3, with a more consistent combo, he managed to get rid of accidents at the beginning of the Heat, keeping P1 until the end, thus conquering P2.

And that's how Modified ended:

1st Diogo Rocha

2nd Flavio Elias - Xpress XQ1M

3rd Lucas Baruffi

At Stock, the Xpress started at P1, P2 and P3, and even with the change of grip on the track due to the rain, it remained consistent.

On A1, João Helio, starting in P1, had a good start, managed to keep his position from start to finish, followed by Renan Gea, arriving in P2, with a difference of only 0.400, followed also by Edu Akel in P3

On the A2, João Helio, Starting at P1 again managed to keep his position from start to finish, thus winning the Brazilian Championship in the Stock category, followed by Edu Akel, Renan Gea, ended up getting involved in accidents arriving at P5

In A3, with the champion already defined, the dispute for P2 was left, Renan Gea taking the lead in the first laps, kept it that way until the end, winning the vice-championship, followed by Edu Akel in P3

And Stock ended up like this:

1st João Helio

2nd Renan Gea

3rd Edu Akel