A perfect end to a delayed HKRCSA race series from 2021. To wrap it off, the HK team took him the overall class wins of both the stock and modified classes thanks to Eric and Hay respectively.

Photo of some Xpress drivers that attended the race and the trophies they won on the day and throughout the series.

Drivers showing off their bodies, you'll notice they preferred using Xtreme's bodies.

Xpress drivers in the A-Main of the modified class. Our newest member Lolo finishing constantly near the top showing a strong performance.


Hay's trophies from yesterday, securing top qualifying and the event win after some tough fought finals which saw the title decided on the last race of the main.

A look at the A-Main finalists of the highly contested control Motor and ESC stock class than ran the ORCA power system.

Eric's second place trophy from the day and the overall class winner of the series!

Lolo trophies from both his strong podium finishes in both the Modified and Stock classes.

Results showing how everyone finished in the top 10 in both classes.