Over the weekend, our Hong Kong team competed in the first round of the HKRCSA racing series. Competing in both Stock and Modified classes, we were able to finish on the podium on both!

Our development driver Eric Lam secured second place in the modified class running our Execute XQ10! Check out his setup here, will be great for low to medium grip tracks.

Standard car besides some TItanium Turnbuckles for weight saving!

We had a very good presence in the class occupying half of the modified class.

Chauman had some bad luck in the finals and had to settle for 5th place.

Strict procedures were in place, requiring all contestants to have a face mask on at all times.

In the stock class we also had to settle for second place, CY Leung: did well to improve his car greatly over the weekend with the tricky control tire set. His setup can be found here.

In the stock class, we had more than half of the spots