The Hk Xpress Team recently entered the 2021 Yan Chai Cup, with a past difficult year it was good to be back on track!

Hay started the race off strong being the first and only person to do a 28 lap run in one of the rounds of qualifying! He also wrapped up the weekend by taking the TQ and Win. You can check out his setup here.

William's fairly standard box standard Execute XQ10.

Tong, also a good friend of the team chose to run our XQ10.

Our team manager; Chauman's XQ10. Some optional parts were used: Flex Elimination Upper Deck #XP-10639, Short Shock Set V2 Long Travel #XP-10593, High Flex Shock Tower Front #XP-10833 Rear #XP-10834.

With a little bit of work, our Execute XQ2S Sports Touring car can be made to run with the top end cars as well!

Desman's XQ10, featuring similar upgrades as Chauman, Desman put his car near the top end of the field in the A Main as well!

Great to see the team back together for some racing! Hope to see you all at a track soon.

Also check out the videos made by our HK distributor rcMart:

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