With the grand opening of the Shanghai International Model Auto Racing Arena (Simara), our representatives in China made the way over to attend the race.

Xpress drivers all chose to use our Execute XQ10 Competition Grade Touring Car #XP-90021 to participate.

Our good friend Yan Cheng's Execute XQ10, Sporting a few different upgrade parts. The 10g Brass Set #XP-10242 was chosen for adding a suitable amount of weight to the chassis to bring it up to the required weight.
Whilst the Suspension Mount Spacer Set #XP-10726 was used for adjusting the roll centers to the preferred height.

A very highspeed track, proving beneficial to run the mid mount configuration which our XQ10's are.

Massive driver's stand which can fit more than enough racers!

A very nice setup for cleaning the track for the utmost amount of traction.

Yan was able to get himself onto the last step of the podium, congratulations to him!

A very young average age of racers which ran our cars at this race!

A closeup look at Yan's Execute XQ10 chassis along with his trophy!

Video of Yan getting his car dialled in during the practice session: