Massive FWD race held on the weekend, with a strong showing from our Team! In the end we managed to get three cars into the A Main.

Cy Leung chose to go with the Execute FT1, for more forward traction but at the expense at more tire wear.

Eric, part of our development test team also chose to use the FT1. Fairly standard affair, apart from the Spring Loaded Battery Mount #Xp-10717 for easy battery changes and a secure mounting method.


Chauman's Execute FT1, like other racers he chose to use the spring loaded battery mount. Fairly standard kit otherwise, flex settings were stiff rear and full flex front for more steering.

Hay, usually racing in modified decided to dabble in FWD for this race as well! Note his pristine bodyshell even after racing the finals!

Check out the action from the Finals: