The Xpress team USA recently got their Execute XQ11's all built up and raced in the USGT class on high grip carpet. They scored some excellent results, let's take a look at their cars!

The Bwoah body was the choice of the day as the eventual winner was runnning it also.

Charles elected to run a aluminum chassis as the grip was very high and also with glued sidewalls to prevent traction rolling.

The split topdeck was used for less chassis flex along a servo saver which is commonly found on carpet setups to protect servos against wooden barriers.

Check out his setup here.

Onto the eventual race winner: Tim Potter's Execute XQ11. Also sporting a aluminum chassis plate for the high grip conditions.

The split topdeck was also the preferred choice was less chassis flex and vertical body posts to get some more steering!

The race winning setup can be found here.