It's that time of year again the HKRCSA Race Cup 2022 R1 Hosted at Tom Racing Circuit, a beautiful track with two different tracks with nitro and ep ran separately. With two classes of touring cars being raced, first up is a controlled Motor and ESC class of stock. Rules changed this year and people who have a chassis sponsor was not allowed to enter. We were lucky enough to win both top qualifier and event win in both stock and modified classes in the weather affected race.

Race Results

Modify Class

A1 & TQ Eric Lam (Xpress Execute XQ10R)
A2 Stick King
A3 Small Fung
A4 Simon Yeung 
A5 Hay Lai (Xpress Execute XQ10R)
A6 Kimi Yam
A7 Chan Chau Man (Xpress Arrow AT1)
A8 Ming Galaxy
A9 Ricky Wong
A10 Kit Chau

Top 10 of the modified class

Stock Class

A1 & TQ Yoon (Xpress Arrow AT1)
A2 Jimmy So 
A3 Dirty Tiger 

Stock A top 10 qualifiers

Eric's car with the trophies he won on the day. You can find his setup here.

After using the Arrow AT1 before, Eric elected to choose to use his XQ10R to spice things up.

Yoon Stock TQ & A1 | Xpress AT1

Like Eric, Yoon was also Top Qualifier and Event win, being able to only run two finals he was able to clinch the victory due to his faster overall time.

Showing off his trophies.

Race Gallery

See all the event photos at the Google Drive, Taken by a passionate racer: Bo.