The Xpress team went to the recently opened GDC race track to race in their first ever invitational race with some big names coming over to race at the luxurious venue!

Photo of the modified A-main, our driver Yugo managed to finish on the last step of the podium. Checkout his setup here.

A very nice looking trophy, in a chinese style scroll.

A closer look at Yugo's Execute XQ11, most items were standard apart from the short battery mount.

Xpress drivers got together to take a photo at the end of the event, with Siu Hung also managing to get into the top10 in the 13.5t boosted class.

The even organiser Gavin Kwok was kind to us and gave us a full room for all the Xpress drivers to sit together.

Yugo and Eric sharing their experiences with the tires and treatment steps.

Chauman showing off his XQ11 along with the nicely made driver identification badge.

Eric's car, also sporting the soon to be released brass shorty mount along with aluminum rear universal shafts to keep the drivetrain weight low.