The Hong Kong Xpress team recently joined a star studded lineup ZeroFive cup at TRC, with some top drivers joining!

Well done to all Xpress drivers that participated in the event.

A local television star metup with Chauman and Eric saying he follows their R/C adventures on youtube.

Gary's Execute XQ11 which he used to race in the blinky stock class, he is charge of store duties at one of rcMart's stores.

Chauman's ride, running a fairly soft suspension setup suited for this race's control tire.

CY racing in the stock class, making it all the way into the A main against a lot of fast stock racers.

Eric, after a rough start to qualifying managed to claw his way back into the top group of finals.

Man Yin, our sales rep also participated in the race 

Hay, also managed to fight his way into the A final.