We're gonna take a look at Tony's Arrow AT1 he used at the recent NSW state titles where he went on to finish a strong 5th in a very stacked modified field!

A familiar body shell to all touring car racers nowadays, the Twister from Xtreme Aerodynamics. Mounted in a fairly neutral position for a more predictable handling characteristic. 

Taking a look at the flex settings were fairly standard with the three rear stiffener screws taken out for a bit more flex in the rear areas of the car.

Fairly standard setup in the rear with a 1.2mm roll bar and raised suspension inserts for more steering.

As with the trend with setting up Arrow AT1's, a shorty pack shifted forwards with the motor shimmed forward. A nifty custom fan mount built with battery stopper parts as well.

ESC mounted as forwards as possible to move the center of gravity towards the front of the car.

The neat wiring can be seen from the top view of the car, with aluminum and titanium hardware throughout the car to keep the weight down.