Thanks to our Hong Kong distributors: for hosting the first of four rounds of their Xpress Race Cup 2018! The race was held at the first class facility of Tom Racing Circuit which is unique where it is home to both a nitro and electric track that are side by side. With temperatures exceeding thirty degrees, and track temperature reaching seventy degrees, we still saw more than seventy entries! DSC05418 DSC05429

Beautiful day's of weather, a proper summer's day out.DSC05430

Driver's got in plenty of practice before the race started.DSC05437 DSC05441

Good paint jobs (For some people) DSC05468

Harsh race inspectors kept racing fair for everyone.DSC05474 DSC05476

This long and flat Mclaren Body was a top choice in 17.5t blinky. DSC05480

Inspection of esc's blinking was carried throughout the day.DSC05490 IMG_8144

Focused drivers on the stand putting down fast laptimes!


Starting grid for qualifying. Cars were called out according to the seeding run and finishing qualifying results.IMG_8212

Some sneaky drivers using different stickers on different bodies to throw competition off.IMG_8232

Race results were posted online so racers didn't have to go out rushing to the score board, but there were some who preferred the tried and true printed A4 paper.IMG_8252

Congratulations to all class winners and podiums! zDSC05547zDSC05549zDSC05552 zDSC05554 zDSC05561 zDSC05556 zDSC05557 zDSC05560 zDSC05566

Videos below of all A-Mains and a aftermovie of the event!