Congratulations to Hay for grabbing Top Qualifier and eventually through three tough finals, was also able to clench the victory! Take a look at the Execute XQ1 he used!

IMG_20171210_201643_HDR Hay is using our Execute XQ1 with a fairly basic setup, you will note this is our prototype colors, as Hay has two cars to try different setup between shocks and suspension geometry and found the setup on this car to be the best.IMG_20171210_201729_HDR Titanium screws used in the bottom of the chassis to bring the weight lower to allow for placing weights in either the front or rear to further tune the car to his liking.IMG_20171210_201701_HDR Pictured here is the upcoming brass suspension mount, this was used to provide more on-power rear grip and a touch more off-power steering.IMG_20171210_201650_HDR Infront of the servo are also some brass weights which will be coming soon. Aluminum topdeck screws to bring the center of gravity lower as compared to the original steel screws included.