Some upgrade parts for the Dragnalo DR1S have been released! Featuring some graphite and a aluminum motor mount which connects the rear end to the middle of the chassis for less flex and better power delivery.

An overview of the car showing all the optional parts installed. Keeping the fundamentals of the car, with upgrades to places here and there.

A look at the motor mount #XP-10956 which has the rear bulkhead integrated, removing the amount of flex that might occur when delivery large amounts of power during your drag runs. This allows for better power delivery on startup.

Graphite chassis #XP-10951 reduces the flex of the chassis and gives more consistent performance during hot weather when compared to the stock fibre glass chassis.

The motormount plate is now also available in graphite for you to choose from. Reinforcing the motor area to reduce flex when applying power to the car. Available for both 1/8 motors and 540 motors./

Graphite shock tower, which also fits on our Execute XQ2S to run our short shocks. 

Last but not least is the graphite top deck #XP-10952, controlling the flex of your chassis, changing to this will give you a more consistent chassis similar to the effect of the graphite chassis as it deals with high temperatures better.

Stay tuned to our news outlets as we will be bringing more and more upgrades for our DR1s!