As we head into 2022, we thought we would update our already race proven Execute XQ10 with some upgrade parts with input from our factory onroad team as to what were essential upgrades.

Here is the entire overview of the XQ10R, it might be difficult to see all small details of the upgrade parts, so we will go through each of them with you. 

First up are the Hard Strong Composite V2 C Hub #XP-10810 with our body support system to lift the body during cornering to prevent the body from scraping the floor and scrubbing speed and causing inconsistency. 

For the steering, we are including the Quick Ackermann Insert Change Steering Bridge #XP-10745 for easy steering characteristic change by removing the balls and changing the insert inside the bridge.

Titanium Solid Axle out drives #XP-10671 will be included in the kit as well, for more durability with the driveshaft protectors. 

A look at the new suspension arms that will be included with the XQ10R kit as well, slightly redesigned arms for lower weight for a smaller unsprung weight for a higher efficient suspension system.

The spring loaded battery mounts #XP-10287 were very popular across all our different cars as it offers a very secure battery mounting and easy battery swap. 

A look at the high flex shock towers in both the front #XP-10833 and rear #XP-10834

For ease of tuning, lower suspension mount shims #XP-10726 will be included, these are easy to install as the notched design allows you to install them by just loosening the suspension mount screws.

Last but not least, the high flex chassis plate #XP-10813 will be included to offer users a larger setup window.

Keith explaining which bits got upgraded in the XQ10R in english.

For our chinese audiences, we got Chau Man to sit down and do a go over on what got upgraded: